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Optical and Fluidic Technologies Laboratory

Advancements in micro- and nanofluidics have demonstrated their enormous potentials in both physical and biological applications. As researchers and engineers continue to explore new possibilities, it is critical to understand the micro- and nanoscale physics of fluids and the interaction dynamics between biological and artificial systems because they can be significantly different from the macroscopic realm. This is especially true for biomedical applications of mechanical engineering as future biotechnology development heavily hinges on our ability to integrate the biological and the physical worlds. Optics-based diagnostic techniques have been widely used to study fluidic behaviors in microfluidics because of its non-intrusive nature and its capability to resolve nanoscale dynamics. At the same time, optical techniques and microfluidics are also a complementing technology pair which offer highly efficient and accurate biochemical detection, specimen analysis and small scale actuations.
At the Optical and Fluidic Technologies Laboratory, we seek to integrate optics and micro/nanofluidics in understanding fundamental sciences and expanding their applications.

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Last Updated: 8/2/13