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Optical and Fluidic Technologies Laboratory


Peter Huang, PhD
Lab Director (CV)

Jonathan Hui
MS '15, PhD Candidate
Armored droplet dynamics

Mikhail Coloma
MS '14, PhD Candidate
Solute transport in brain

Shumou Cheng
MS Student
EndMT Mechanobiology

Hoang (Peter) Ta
Undergraduate Student
EndMT Mechanobiology

Lab Alumni

Wei Wang (PhD '14; Postdoctoral researcher at Colorado State University)
William Buehler (BS '15)
Jarret Ealy (BS '14)
Raymond Wu (BS '14)
Vincent Mu (BS '14)
Jin Woo Lee (BS '14; PhD student at the University of Michigan)
Mikhail Minevich (BS '13)
Steven Garofalo (BS '11; MS '12)
Wing Yin Wong (BS '11)
Bailey Zhao (BS '11; MS '12; PhD student at Georgia Tech)
Jeremiah Deboever (BS '12)
Blaine Laughlin (BS '10)
Assad Tabatabaie (BS ''10)

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