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Optical and Fluidic Technologies Laboratory


• Drs. Huang, Gretchen Mahler (Bioengineering), and Guirong Wang (SUNY Upstate Medical University) have received a collaborative research grant from the Michael Connolly Endowment Fund for Lung Cancer Research. The title of their work is Epigenetic Characterization of Lung Cancer Progression. (07/2013)

• Congratulations to Jin Woo Lee for being selected as a Binghamton University 2013 Summer Scholar. With financial support from the Binghamton University Undergraduate Research Center, Jin Woo will be conducting research titled Sterilization of Catheters Using Optically Heated Gold Nanorods under the supervision of Dr. Huang. (05/2013)

• Drs. Huang, Paul Chiarot (Mechanical Engineering), and David Schaffer (Bioengineering) have received a Binghamton University Interdiscplinary Collaborative Grant. The title of their work is Collaborative Investigation of Blood Flow-Driven Waste Molecule Removal from the Brain and Its Relationship to Alzheimer's Disease. (05/2013)

• Dr. Huang has received a New Direction research grant from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. The title of this work is Contact Dynamics and Flow Blockage Inhibition of Armored Bubbles inside Confining Flow Conduits. (05/2013)

• Dr. Huang and Jin Woo Lee have received an award from the Binghamton University Small Scale System Integration and Packaging (S3IP) Center Undergraduate Research Initiative. The title of their work is Increasing Efficiency of Light Absorption in Solar Cells Through Cylindrical Gold Nanoparticle Coatings. (01/2013)

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