NEWS !!

2019. 1. 7 - Our biosenor work  has been highlighted in scitech.

2018. 9. 21 - Our work on "Paper Biobatteries" has been highlighted in THE CONVERSATION.

2018. 6. 29 - Our work on "Green Biobatteries" was highlighted in BU news.

2017. 2. 6 - Congratulations to Prof. Sadik for being selected to the 2017-2018 group of Jefferson Science Fellows.

2016. 11. 18 - The CREATES held "Science-to-Technology (S2T) Day at the Symposium Hall of the ITC. The them for this was "Papertronics." The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Diane Okamuro, program director from the Directorate for Biological Sciences, Division of Integrative Organismal System, NSF. S2T also showcased  32 poster presentations by students and postdoctoral fellows. Three awards were given to the best posters.

1st place: Yang Gao (Dr. Choi's group)- "An origami-inspired multicell biobattery stack"

2nd place: Francis Osonga (Dr. Sadik's group)- "Photochemical synthesis and biological applications of anisotropic gold nanoparticles"

3rd place: Yizhong Liu (Dr. Doiron's group)- "The impact of gold nanoparticle exposure on endothelial cells"


2016. 7. 14 - Prof. Towfighian (PI) and Prof. Miles received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant ($359,958), titled "A new approach to capacitive sensing : Repulsive Sensors".

2016. 7. 1 - CREATES received a grant ($867,536) from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a paper-based biosensor for productivity enhancement of smallholder agriculture in collaboration with Prof. Asemota in Jamaica.


2016. 3. 8 - Prof. Sadik and Prof. Choi has been appointed Director and Assistant Director of CREATES.


2016. 3. 8 - CREATES began !