Facilities !!

- Sensor, Environmental, Electrochemical and Materials Chemistry Lab (SEEMCL) : The lab has over 2154 ft2 of space, located in 4 modern laboratories at the SUNY Chemistry building and the new University Research complex-ITC. These laboratories are well equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation and microfabrication tools. The SEEMCL is dedicated to bio/chemical material handling and chemical synthesis


- Bioelectronics & Microsystems Lab (BML) : The lab is located at the Engineering and Science Building. The BML is designed for the prototyping and development of microtransducers, microfluidics, biomedical microdevices, and bioelectronic interfaces using microelectromechanical systems technology.


- Analytical and Diagnostics Lab (ADL) : The lab is a centralized, interdisciplinary, fully staffed research facility at SUNY Binghamton that promotes high tech commercialization of microelectronic technologies by providing instrument and technical support for materials diagnostics, analysis and characterization in areas such as electronics systems integration and packaging, materials research, and flexible electronics.


- Nanofabrication Lab : This  is a central fabrication, processing, and characterization lab. A full-time lab manager maintains and provides training on the instruments.