The Cho Research Group

Our research goal is to study materials and mechanics to tackle various engineering problems encountered as a result of material failure, as well as to design enabling materials so that the most advanced concepts in technology can be realized. The emphasis is given to gain a basic understanding of material microstructures and properties and their relationships. Particularly, we have been involved with structure-property relationships of thin films/coatings (ceramics, polymers, metals), mechanical behavior of materials at nano- and microscales, and microstructure design. Current and future efforts encompass application of nano/micro-mechanics, computer simulation and modeling, and nanoscale characterization techniques to electronic and MEMS packaging, hybrid inorganic/organic systems, and polymeric materials. Further, we focus on novel processing sciences and techniques including biomimetic synthesis, template-directed nucleation and growth of inorganic materials, self-assembled materials, and nanoscale patterning.


Contact Information


Prof. Junghyun Cho

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

T.J. Watson School of Engineering

State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton

Vestal Pkwy East

Binghamton, NY 13902-6000


Ph: 607) 777-2897 (Office), 607) 777-4967 (Lab)

Fax: 607) 777-4620




[Nanoindentation simulation on aluminum]



[High resolution TEM image of a ZrO2 film grown on the SAM-coated Si substrate]



[SEM image of Pb-free solder on Cu plate]



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