Dr. N. Eva Wu, Professor

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1987

ES2325, (607) 777-4375, evawu@binghamton.edu

Recent Teaching

  1. Spring 2011, EECE418/502, Electric power systems.
  2. Fall 2011, EECE515, Linear systems.
  3. Fall 2011, EECE680b, Optimization.
  4. Spring 2012, EECE418/502, Electric power systems.
  5. Fall 2012, EECE418/502, Electric power systems.
  6. Fall 2012, EECE619, Control of networked systems
  7. Spring 2013, EECE480A/580A, Introduction to synchrophasors
  8. Fall 2013, EECE418/502, Electric power systems.
  9. Fall 2013, EECE515, Linear systems.
  10. Spring 2014, EECE480A/580A, Introduction to synchrophasors.
  11. Fall 2014, EECE680B, Optimization.
  12. Spring 2015, EECE480g/509x Power systems ii: protection and control.
  13. Fall 2015,EECE619, Control of networked systems.
  14. Spring 2016, EECE480g/509x Power systems ii: protection and control.
  15. Fall 2016, EECE680b, Optimization.
  16. Spring 2017, EECE480g/509x Power systems ii: protection and control.

Recently Accepted/Published Papers

  1. Secondary protective control for mitigation of protection misoperations in electric power systems, to appear in Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, Special Issue on Wide Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control in Future Smart Grid, Terzija and Liu, editors, 2016. (Wu and Qin) http://rdcu.be/ngkH
  2. A new PMU placement algorithm to meet specified synchrophasor availability, accepted, IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, 2016. (Sarailoo and Wu)
  3. Fault diagnosis based on partitioned power system models, accepted, 9th International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems, 2016, (Salman, Sarailoo, and Wu)
  4. PMU placement for state estimation considering measurement redundancy and controlled islanding, accepted IEEE PES General Meeting, 2016. (Akhlaghi, Zhou, and Wu)
  5. Control effectiveness of FACTS devices in power systems, accepted, American Control Conference, 2016. (Qin and Wu)
  6. A multiple model filtering approach to transmission line fault diagnosis, Control Engineering Practice, Special Issue on Industrial Practice of Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control, P. Odgaard, C. Aubrun, and M. Blanke, editors, vol. 52, pp.93-102, 2016. (Qin and Wu)
  7. Maximally secure mitigation of protection misoperations in power systems, Proc. American Control Conference, 2015. (Wu, Qin, and Salman)
  8. Recloser allocation and placement for rural distribution systems, Proc. IEEE PES General Meeting¸2015. (Qin and Wu)
  9. A hybrid simulation study on wide=area measurement feedback for enhanced tolerance to protection misoperations, Proc. IFAC Safeprocess, 2015. (Qin and Wu)
  10. Recloser and sectionalizer placement for reliability improvement using discrete event simulation, Proc. IEEE PES General Meeting, 2014. (Qin and Wu)
  11. On-line impulse response extraction of a power transfer path using pulse compression probing, Proc. American Control Conference, 2014. (Wu and Huang)
  12. Minimum cost upgrade of PMU networks for synchrophasor availability, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Systems, vol.24, pp.1341-1360. 2014 (Huang and Wu)
  13. Data availability-constrained placement of PMUs and communication links in a power system, IEEE Systems Journal, vol.8, pp. 483-492, 2014. (Huang, Wu, and Ruschmann)
  14. Control reconfigurability-based placement strategy for FACTS devices, Proc. 2013 American Control Conference. (Qin and Wu)
  15. A new scalable solution to optimal PMU placement under a long-run data availability criterion, Proc. 2013 American Control Conference. (Huang and Wu)
  16. Fault-tolerant placement of phasor measurement units based on control reconfigurability, Control Engineering Practice, vol. 21, pp.1-11, 2013. (Huang and Wu)
  17. Fault-tolerant control of power systems for security and availability, Proc. American Control Conference, 2012.  (Wu and Ruschmann)
  18. Redundancy architecture design for availability of synchrophasors, Proc. IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, 2012. (Ruschmann, Wu and Huang)
  19. Toward a highly available modern grid, Chapter 10 in Control and Optimization Theories for Electric Smart Grid, A. Chakrabortty, and M. Ilic, Editors, Springer, 2012. (Wu and Ruschmann)
  20. Fault-tolerant sensor placement based on control reconfigurability, Proc. IFAC Congress, 2011. (Huang and Wu)
  21. Sigma-delta control of a biased and initially displaced MEMS microphone, Proc. IFAC Congress, 2011. (Steinmann, Wu, Su, and Miles)
  22. Pulse compression probing for nonlinear systems with additional hard nonlinearities at the input, Proc. American Control Conference, 2011. (M.C. Ruschmann, N.E. Wu)
  23. Probing the NASA Generic Transport Aircraft in real-time for health monitoring, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol.19, pp.1288-1295, 2011. (Wu, Ruschmann, and Huang)
  24. Fault-tolerant control of a hidden Markov process with application to resource allocation in an air operation, in Special Issue on Fault Detection, Diagnosis, and Fault-Tolerant Control, Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, vol.22, pp.12-21, 2011. (Wu and Ruschmann)