6th Information Hiding Workshop

5/23/2004 - 5/25/2004

List of accepted papers

#106 Feature-Based Steganalysis for JPEG Images and its Implications for Future Design of Steganographic Schemes
Jessica Fridrich

#110 Statistical Tools for Digital Forensics
Alin Popescu, Hany Farid

#115 Exploiting Preserved Statistics for Steganalysis
Rainer Böhme, Andreas Westfeld

#119 An Improved Sample Pairs Detection of LSB Embedding
Peizhong Lu, Xiangyang Luo, Qingyang Tang, Li Shen

#127 Optimization and Evaluation of Randomized c-Secure CRT Code defined on Polynomial Ring
Hirofumi Muratani

#136 Statistical Disclosure or Intersection Attacks on Anonymity Systems
George Danezis, Andrei Serjantov

#139 Reasoning about the Anonymity Provided by Pool Mixes that Generate Dummy Traffic
Claudia Diaz, Bart Preneel

#140 Graph Theoretic Software Watermarks: Implementation, Analysis, and Attacks
Christian Collberg, Andrew Huntwork, Edward Carter, Gregg Townsend

#148 A Method of Linguistic Steganography Based on Collocation-Proven Synonymy
Igor Bolshakov

#153 Reversing Global and Local Geometrical Distortions in Image Watermarking
Dariusz Bogumil

#155 An Asymmetric Security Mechanism for Navigation Signals
Markus Kuhn

#156 Covert Channels for Collusion in Online Computer Games
Steven Murdoch, Piotr Zielinski

#157 Syntax and Semantics-Preserving Application-Layer Protocol Steganography
Norka Lucena, Steve Chapin, James Pease, Payman Yadollahpour

#163 On the Possibility of Non-Invertible Watermarking Schemes
Qiming Li, Ee-Chien Chang

#166 Relative Generic Computational Forensic Techniques
Jennifer Wong, Miodrag Potkonjak

#167 Analysis of COT-Based Fingerprinting Schemes: New Approach to Design Practical and Secure Fingerprinting Scheme
Jae-Gwi Choi, Ji-Hwan Park, Ki-Ryong Kwon

#168 Threading Software Watermarks
Jasvir Nagra, Clark Thomborson

#169 Empirical and Theoretical Evaluation of Active Probing Attacks and Their Countermeasures
Xinwen Fu, Bryan Graham, Dong Xuan, Riccardo Bettati, Wei Zhao

#170 Soft IP Protection: Watermarking HDL Source Codes
Lin Yuan, Gang Qu

#171 On Achievable Regions of Public Multiple-Access Gaussian Watermarking Systems
Wei Sun, En-hui Yang

#179 Fixed-distortion orthogonal dirty paper coding for perceptual still image watermarking
Andrea Abrardo, Mauro Barni

#190 An Implementation of, and Attacks on, Zero-Knowledge Watermarking
Scott Craver, Bede Liu

#192 Information Hiding in Finite State Machine
Lin Yuan, Pushkin Pari, Gang Qu

#195 The Hitting Set Attack on Anonymity Protocols
Dogan Kesdogan

#196 Improved Detection of LSB Steganography in Grayscale images
Andrew Ker