Corner rotations

The usual notation U, R, D, L, B, F is extended to slice and antislice moves.
Us,Rs,Ds,Ls,Bs,Fs are slice moves UD',RL',DU',LR',BF',FB'.
Ua,Ra,Da,La,Ba,Fa are antislice moves UD,RL,DU,LR,BF,FB.
Sr, Sl, Sf, Sb, Su, Sd are the center slice moves adjoining faces R,L,F,B, U,D.
[P*Q] means the same as P Q P'
[P;Q] means the same as P Q P'Q'
Lowercase letters u,r,d,l,b,f represent twists of the whole Cube, so that u = UsSu, r = RsSr and so on. For example dFR'U = LF'Ud = LF'U.
Character ^ represents mirroring (usually R<->L).

The numbers in the second column denote the number of quarter moves and face moves.

[R B'R'U'B'U;F] 14
L F U L U'R U L'U'F'L'F R'F' 14
[U;F'D R'D²R F] 16,14
[U;F'D L'F²L F] 16,14
R'F²U F U'L'U F'U'F²R F'L F 16,14
U'B U'B'U²BaU F'U F U²B'a 16,14
U'F²U L²D'L U L²D L²U'L F² 18,13
R(R F'D²F R'U²)²R' 18,13
Inversions of previous
D'F U F'D F L D L'U'L D'L'F' 14
(D L'B²L D'F²)² 16,12
[L'B L U B U';F²] 16,14
R F'L'FaU²B'R²F²L F'R F' 16,13
R²D²L D'R D'R D'L'UaF²U' 16,13
L'B'RaF'L'FaR'F'RaB'R'Fa 16
D'F D F²D'F L²F'U'F U L²D F² 18,14
U'(R'F'R U'R U R'F)²U 18
R'(D'F L'F'L F'D F)²R 18
U'(R'F'R F'U F U'F)²U 18
U'(F'R'F R'D R D'R)²U 18
R F U F'U'F U F'U'F R'D'L'U'F'U L D 18
[U B D'B²U'B D;F²] 20,16
R'F'D'F D F'D'F D²R UsF'D'F Ds 18,17
[U'L B²U L²B'L;F²] 22,16