Prof. Mark Fowler                

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Ph.D. 1991 Pennsylvania State University

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        Signal Processing

  • Course Web Pages


    EECE 301(New!) Signals & Systems - Flipped!

                 EECE 301:(Old Site) Signals & Systems

    EECE 402: Digital Signal Processing I


EECE 521: Digital Signal Processing II (Not Teaching Now)

EECE 522: Estimation Theory

EECE 523: Data Compression

EECE 580H: Signal Theory (Sp15 - Website Coming!)

Contact Info


2315 Engineering & Science Building (New Building!)


Mailing Address

State University of New York at Binghamton

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

PO Box 6000

Binghamton, NY 13902-6000


Phone Numbers

Phone: 607-777-6973

Fax:     607-777-4464

       Research Interests

  • Data Compression for:         
    • Sensor Networks
    • Emitter Location
    • Remote Sensing
  • Multipath Mitigation
    • Sensor Networks
    • TDOA/FDOA Emitter Location
  • Passive Location of Emitters
    • Multiple Platform (e.g., TDOA/FDOA)
    • Single Platform
  • Wavelet Applications
  • Frequency Estimation
  • Digital Receivers